About Therapeutic Music

What Makes Therapeutic Harp Music So Healing, Beneficial, and Relaxing?              

Playing for a resident at a long term care facility

Harp music surrounds and creates a healing environment. The resonance from the freely vibrating strings, including the pitch and tonal color, sets up an intimate relationship between the sound and the recipient. There is substantial research on the responsiveness to music by people of all ages and cultures from a physiological, psychological and spiritual level. During illness, trauma, and at the end of life, live harp music at the bedside promotes relief from negative emotions, pain and fear. Patients typically fall asleep after a session of therapeutic harp music; they may also experience lower heart rates, easier breathing and deeper sleep.

Anyplace where chronic stressful conditions exist, Therapeutic Harp may help, including:

Hospice; Hospital public and private spaces; Burn, Cancer, Dialysis Centers; Dentist’s Offices; Funeral Homes; Wellness Centers; People and Animal Shelters; Dementia Units; Rehabilitation Centers; Correctional Institutions; Holistic Health Retreats; Yoga, Tai Chi/Qui Gong Centers; Senior Centers; Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities; Massage Centers; Corporate Offices; Mental Health/Substance Abuse centers.

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