About Me

The photo  was taken summer of 2016 and I used it for my first solo therapeutic harp CD, Transitions. The CD includes music most requested by hospice patients and their families at the end of life. It is contemplative and not recommended for people who are driving. While live music at the bedside is always preferred, sometimes that is not possible so this is an alternative for those who find peace and relaxation by listening to it. (See my Testimonial page).

I purchased my first harp in 1994 from William Rees, a harp maker. I didn’t have a plan for that little 22 string harp. I only knew I needed to have it.  It had the most enchanting sound I had ever heard!  Since that day, I have bought and sold 4 harps and still own the last 2 I purchased, a Lewis Creek Jessie, light weight therapy harp with 28 strings and my Heartland Delight Harp, a 38 string carbon fiber lever harp. I use them both for therapy work.  The video of me performing at Park City Medical Center on my Home Page was done when I was an intern and volunteer at that facility, in 2010.  Today I work for Bristol Hospice in Salt Lake City. I visit our patients from Brigham City to Payson, Utah, a large territory! If you or your loved one is a patient of ours and ask for Therapeutic Harp music I am available to play wherever the patient is, at no charge, as a benefit of Bristol Hospice to their patients. I am an employed staff member of the clinical care team and Bristol believes that the benefits of Therapeutic Music are worth the cost to them.  I am also available as an independent contractor for other facilities and individuals.(See Services and Prices)

I am a graduate of the International Harp Therapy Program based in San Diego and certified by the National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musicians.


Over 30 years professional career in Healthcare Administration, Program Management and Project Management including hospitals, outpatient clinics, home health and hospice, cancer research, animal clinics.

Graduated from NSBTM accredited International Harp Therapy Program, 2011. Internships at Providence Medical Center, Anchorage AK and Park City Hospital, Park City, UT

Over 6 years employed by local hospices (Bristol, A Step Forward) as a Therapeutic Musician in private homes and facilities.

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